Student Sidelines Summer Business Leadership Program

This is a mentored, Business Leadership skills program for young adults. Each of 3 two-week, facilitated online courses will provide a launch-pad for participants who want to craft, develop, and grow their own part-time side businesses. Students who gain Sideline development skills will be more confident in pursuing college admission and funding, as well as preferred career opportunities.

The Three Youth-Business Leadership Courses:

1. Developing a successful Sideline Business Idea and Plan


2. Preparing to Launch a Successful Sideline Business


3. Tweaking and Growing a Successful Sideline Business


Program Cost

Each 9-hour program costs $99, including Student Sideline course modules. Students can take the entire program for school credit or a Certificate of Achievement.

Program Director

Jim Clark PhD, Director of Student Sidelines

Instructional Approach

Participants will be actively engaged in designing their own Sideline. Each of the live and taped 6 sessions per course will focus on 2-3 critical business leadership skills. Instructors will challenge students to actively apply the skills to their own Sideline design elements. The last half-hour of each 90-minute session will include live questions and answers to specific design questions that participants are experiencing. Open online Office hours are offered each day of the program.


When are the 3, two-week programs scheduled?

  • Program #1: June 29 - July 10
  • Program #2: July 20 - July 31
  • Program #3: Aug 10 - Aug 21

Days of the week is it offered?

  • Live programs are offered M-W-F
  • Taped programs available for immediate review 24/7

Cost of each course?

  • $99 per course

Do full-course participants automatically receive all of the 5 online Sideline Courses?

Yes, a value of $299 – making the entire Summer Program Free to participants

Student Sidelines Design Contest

Summer Program enrollees have the option to enter a Sideline Design Contest, where the top performers will receive either $100 Gift Cards, or Certificates of Achievement. Deadline for submission is May 30, 2020. 
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