Student Sidelines - Is This For You?

Who Should Take These Courses

The Student Sidelines courses are designed to assist young adult students who may have only limited work experience and want to:
  • Earn some money on the “side” of their current schooling and other activities
  • Find an idea for a part time business
  • Enhance their college or work applications as a result of business skills gained
  • Take an idea and turn it into a part time business
  • Gain entrepreneurial skills that can benefit others
  • Use their available spare time doing something they really enjoy
  • Turn a hobby into a paying sideline

How To Use The Courses

The five courses are broken into steps for starting and launching a sideline business. There may be no need for you to take all of them. (Although purchasing the bundle is cheaper.) The courses are aligned with the phases of launching and building a sideline business. Pick the ones where you are least comfortable to maximize the value to you.

Course 1: Get Ready to Make Money

This course leads you through the process for choosing a potential Sideline and evaluating its suitability for you. The 14 sections include selecting an idea and documenting it; setting some meaningful goals; performing some checks and refinements to focus your efforts; researching similar sidelines and addressing objections you may encounter from nay-sayers.
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Course 2: Get Set to Launch a Sideline

The second course has 18 sections to address the preparation needed to get going. It includes simple financial analysis, including breakeven; looking for ways to reduce costs; focusing on efficiency and effectiveness; finding advisors; refining target customer descriptions; working out some key operating processes; and identifying the tasks needed for launch.
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Course 3: Go to Launch

The third course has 16 sections to address getting the sideline launched and acquiring the first customers. The sections cover marketing; social media; customer relations and satisfaction; working with helpers; positive thinking; vendor management; and applying lessons learned to improve the sideline.
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Course 4: Run the Sideline

The fourth course has 16 sections about how to run a Sideline day to day. These sections cover defining and measuring key metrics; financial and expense management; addressing customer situations and feedback; conflict resolution; and communication skills for customers, vendors and helpers.
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Course 5: Grow the Sideline

The fifth course has 19 sections for recognizing growth opportunities and capitalizing on them. The sections include training and growing staff; addressing helper disputes; providing feedback (good and “needs improvement”) to staff; meeting management; recognizing opportunities; expanding your network and partners; and thinking about incorporation/other legal issues.
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Student Sidelines Bundle: Ready, Set, Go, Run, Grow

This bundle includes all five courses:
  • Course 1: Get Ready to Make Money
  • Course 2: Get Set to Launch
  • Course 3: Go to Launch
  • Course 4: Run the Sideline
  • Course 5: Grow the Sideline
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Additional Resources

Student Sidelines Preference Indicator

Take the 1 minute Student Sidelines Preference Indicator Quiz and review your best fit Sideline ideas.
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Mentoring Available

You can request ongoing professional mentoring for your Sideline idea from one or more of our available associate mentors. Please request a contact list.
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