SecondHalf Sidelines

SecondHalf Sidelines in 5 Courses: Ready, Set, Go, Run, Grow

1. Get Ready to Make Money (SecondHalf Sidelines)

This course will show you specific steps for starting a Sideline that generates money for you.

2. Get Set to Launch a Sideline (SecondHalf Sidelines)

This course takes you from identifying a business need to crafting a viable Sideline plan.

3. Go to Launch (SecondHalf Sidelines)

In this course, you will learn and practice methods to define your customers, locate best-fit suppliers, and save time generating income.

4. Run the Business via Day-to-Day Operations (SecondHalf Sidelines)

This course is about doing. You will learn how to manage your business in ways that produce net revenue and improve customer relations.

5. Grow the Business (SecondHalf Sidelines)

This course will enhance your skills at working with and through others to produce good results.