What Are the Signs Indicating That an Employee Is About to Quit?
August 09, 2019
By Jim Clark, PhD – Director of Student Sidelines LLC © 2019

There are many telltale signs of employee unhappiness, some of which make a lot of sense. In fact, there other factors like some heavy personal burden, or acting on a New Year’s resolution to shape up that could explain why an employee appears to be preparing to exit the organization.

I prefer to think of it a bit differently about the prospect of good employees leaving the organization:
  1. Talented, achieving employees do leave, regardless because they seek new life and work adventures - so it is important to have an ongoing, effective recruitment system.
  2. Be upfront with associates about point #1 and tell them that you job is to foster a positive work environment as long as it is mutually beneficial and when they decide it is time to go, you will be willing to help support this growth opportunity.
  3. Also mention to associates that you value their opinions and if/when they decide to leave you would treasure their recommendations for replacements that they know.
  4. When doing semi-annual performance reviews, especially ask your most valued associates what things can be done better or different to enhance their involvement in the organization.
  5. In every way possible, promote a “learning” environment by investing time in updating associate knowledge and skills, including sending every associate to some external learning experience where they come back and do a 3-way communication to execs, dept heads, co-workers.

Yes, some of these suggestions sound like overly expensive fluff. But they are not. Turnover of key people is very expensive.
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