Improving Your College Application Through Sidelines
July 20, 2019
By Jim Clark, PhD – Director of Student Sidelines LLC © 2019

The quality of your College Application plays a big part in your acceptance. Application components that most often garner attention include factors related to producing significant results that impact the lives of others. By contrast, while GPA and test scores can help make you a candidate for consideration, they are rarely deciding factors in your selection.

So what significant results impacting others will cause your Application to stand out from students with similar GPAs and test scores?

Here are three kinds of significant results you can achieve in high school: 
  1. Passionate involvement in a particular activity requiring leadership, initiative, and impact
  2. Out-of-school experiences that reflect responsibility, dedication, and keen interest
  3. Special talents or demonstrated experiences that make you particularly interesting.

There are few involvements in high school that will better combine all three of the above listed admission factors than crafting, developing, and growing a Side business – a “Student Sideline” – that produces revenue while positively impacting important human needs.

Suppose you start a Math tutoring service for fellow students, charging perhaps $15 per session. And then over the next 12 to 18 months add ten additional student tutors to your team who each tutor eight students a week in a variety of challenging subjects. Among the results you can list on your Application include spending no more than eight hours a week, leading a tutoring service you started, that helps significantly raise grades across several subjects for over 80 students a week, at a rate that is 80% cheaper than the cost of a professional tutor.
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