How Do You Write A Good Leadership Speech?
October 22, 2019
By Jim Clark PhD, Director of Student Sidelines ©2019
Have a really appropriate and engaging speech - hopefully real, that someone experienced.
I have one I will give you for free - I actually did experience this but am happy to share it with you because it really altered my perspective about imperfection and setbacks. Here goes
I was with my two little kids staying near Grand Canyon. First time. Had always wanted to see sunrise - heard it was stunning. So there I am standing in the dark, w chilly weather, looking for the first hint. I was by myself which made it doubly enjoyable.
Perhaps 10 minutes before the first peak of sunshine, a frumpy little woman decided to not only come to the railing as I had done, but also to locate herself perhaps 10 feet from me. TOO CLOSE I thought to myself. At about the 5-minute mark, she started making these heavy sigh noises like …… “aAAAhhHHHHHAAHHH, or something like that.
Then the sun started to peak, and her winces began to escalate, and now turned into something like little “oh my, oh my” utterances. I’m struggling to not be distracted by her intrusion. Then bam, the sun started rising. It was magnificent.
Perhaps a few minutes into the descending shadow on the north rim of the canyon she said something ……….. “Isn’t it amazing that so much beauty could be carved out of so much friction.” All of a sudden I was stunned by her words - I asked her to say it again, and she did. Thought my knees were going to buckle. That was one of the more profound things I’ve ever heard someone speak - with so much life meaning embraced in this moment.
Never forgot that experience. She was so right.
End of Story
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