What Do You Do When an Extremely Toxic Employee Comes Up With an Actual Good Idea?
September 11, 2019
By Jim Clark, PhD – Director of Student Sidelines LLC © 2019

I would label this as a “fun problem”. Every so often in life we are blessed with exceeding good fortune - fun problems. Enjoy it, relish it, quietly celebrate it.

As you probably know, effective teams have a way over time of separating ideas - good or bad - from their authors. Some of the best idea-generating tools like Nominal Group Technique, or Delphi, do precisely that. Find ways to make ideas group property, without depreciating or ignoring or denying the toxic person’s contribution.

Besides - good ideas are a dime a dozen. It is the execution of a good idea that ultimately deserves the merit. King Tut got credit for incredible art work in preparation for his demise - but it was his servants and slaves who did the masterful work. Walt Disney thought up the idea for Disneyland but Roy Disney was the hero who turned it into reality.
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