Module Description:
Ultimately, your Sideline will succeed in helping you generate part-time revenue and more personal fulfillment, if it can satisfy three crucial aspects of money-making. They include: 
  1. Do you enjoy your Sideline?
  2. Are you becoming good at doing it? 
  3. Do people want to buy it?
If you pick a Sideline that satisfies all three aspects of what Michael Phillips calls “The First Law of Money”, your idea will likely help you pay for college.

Consider This Example:
Ann Moore, a Peace Corps nurse, loved the way African women carried infants hands-free on their chests, which seemed to calm the babies. After returning home from Africa, she decided:
“I’m going to develop—as gifts for my new-parent friends—a washable, hands-free device for carrying infants on their chests.”
Her free gift for friend’s idea proved to be a multimillion-dollar Sideline.
Explain how Ann’s Sideline became a huge success, given the First Law of Money?

Consider This Thought:
In spite of Ann’s altruism, her product design met all three crucial aspects of the First Law of Money:
  1. She clearly knew what she wanted to do.
  2. She believed she could come up with an acceptable gift that her friends would enjoy.
  3.  She already knew how much the concept worked for active African women who often were on their feet all day, working, and carrying their infants.

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