1. First crucial step: Pick a Sideline you would enjoy doing, even if you are not yet an expert at doing it.

Ann wanted to use her spare time to craft a hands-free device that would allow babies to snuggle with their parents. She was sure she could sew a washable, adjustable carrier. Although she spent no time exploring money-making prospects, Ann already knew that lots of African women were sold on carrying babies next to their chests.

Try this:
  • If you aren’t sure about which type of Sideline you would really enjoy doing, take 1-2 minutes to complete the Sideline Preference Indicator (SPI). Immediately you will receive detailed descriptions of best-match Sidelines. Each description will tell you what that Sideline entails. 
  • Go through these descriptions and pick one or two for further review. 
  • If not satisfied, retake the SPI. If your results include Sidelines you’ve never done, don’t yet give up on the idea.

1. Get Ready to Make Money (SecondHalf Sidelines)

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