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This is your guide to developing a side business that will turn your hobby or interest into money-making. Through five courses, you will gain skills at imagining, developing, managing, and growing a part-time Sideline.

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Welcome to Student Sidelines

I discovered part-time “Sidelines” as a high-school student after losing my college savings—and my left leg. By crafting my own side business activities, I learned how to pay for college and have time to compete on a terrific collegiate rowing team as a student at the University of Washington.

These 5 Sideline courses are designed to give you the knowledge and the skills to develop, start, and grow your own student Sidelines. The course content comes not only from my 20 years as a professor of management at the University of Washington but also from the experience of growing a hugely successful Sideline: Moss Bay Rowing, Kayaking, and Sailing Center in Seattle. I am also a co-developer of the Seattle Foot.

My expertise lies with managing small businesses (including virtual businesses and vacation rentals), competency-based learning, training courses, and outdoor recreation.

You, too, can experience the joy and creative fulfillment that come with not only starting your own Side business but having helpers grow it well beyond your initial dream.

Jim Clark, PhD
Founder and primary author of Student Sidelines

Explore Our Courses

  • If you are nervous about paying for college
  • If you are frustrated doing an unrewarding part-time job
  • If you have passion to start your own small business but don’t know how
  • If you want to gain business skills while getting paid
  • If you are seeking a new challenge in your life

Student Sidelines Resources

Here are articles, courses, and videos about how and why you want to gain small business skills that can help you pay for college and other life adventures. 

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Student Testimonials

Along with 3 other students, we started a student-to-student tutoring program at my high school that soared with student clients. Student Sidelines showed our team not only how to grow a Sideline, but also how to continue to managing it virtually after leaving for college.
Mary-Beth, Student Tutoring
The idea of starting a side business as a very shy person was petrifying. But after taking the Sideline Preference Indicator, I learned how to overcome my shyness by helping homeowners take care of their home maintenance needs and still take a full load of college courses. 
Robert, Home Furnace Filter Repair Service
I am an extreme neat-nick who likes things tidy. Student Sidelines course content on delegating work showed me how to make money by having helpers clean messy neighborhood garages.
Betty, Garage Update Service


Is it realistic to assume young adults can start a side business of their own?

Sure - why not? The initial challenge is to keep it small, and then as it starts to gain traction, begin to involve others in running it. The backbone of our country is small business success. Sidelines are just scaled-down versions of successful small businesses. Sideliners don’t need money business experience to craft a viable idea.

Are successful Sideline owners able to offset college tuition costs?

No guarantees - but yes. As many of the examples described in our courses demonstrate, a new Sideline can gain traction in perhaps 2 months, and generate $800 or more a month in self-generated profit, requiring no more than 8 hours a week to operate.

How can a busy student do a Sideline and stay focused on school demands?

It’s a challenge - but a good challenge. Many students in high school and college are not challenged doing assignments for teachers, with little opportunity to take on responsibilities for themselves. Sidelines engage young adults to take on challenges with confidence. The modules, mentors, and other Sideline participants will help focus time and resources so the busy student doesn’t lose sight of school requirements.

How often do young adult Sideline owners fail?

Most small businesses fail, period. Applied to Student Sidelines, “fail” is more about “First Attempt In Learning”. Little to no money is invested in an initial Sideline. Few if any classmates at school even know a student’s Sideline has been initiated - until it becomes successful. If a mistake is made initially, the new Sideline developers tweaks the idea and tries it again, or switches to another Sideline.

Don’t you need licenses or credentials to operate your own business?

In most cases at the beginning - No. Over time if your income escalates sharply, you will need a business license. For some specific Sidelines, a credential is required by someone on the team, but not necessarily the student founder.

Why Sidelines rather than a part-time job?

Both are valuable career advancing stepping-stones, except Sidelines allow you to also: 
  1. Set your own work schedule and desired profitability
  2. Steer your own evolving business goals and success
  3. Gain important career knowledge and experience at effectively applying business management principles

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