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The following Sideline Stories are all true, built on little financial investment if any, and requiring no more than 8 hours a week initially to generate enough dependable income – especially to help defray college tuition or more expenses. Let’s include your story too!

Sideline Furnace Filter Replacement Sideline

My name is Robert. By nature I’m pretty quiet and even shy. The idea of starting my own Sideline was pretty petrifying – I grew up Read More..

Sideline Successful Garage Update Service

I’m Betty, a self-proclaimed neatnik, when it comes to organization. In walking to school down my alley, I pass house after Read More..

Sideline Partially Successful Sideline – Beater Car Sale – With Numbers and a Pitfall

Hey I’m Timmy – my friends call me “Timmy the Greaser”. I like messing with old cars. Have been this way for years. I’m a senior Read More..

Sideline House Sitting

I’m Jo. My husband Bob and I are both juniors in college, going full time, and taking part-time jobs. Bob is British and I was born in India Read More..

Sideline Ballerina Turned Corporate Entertainer

My name is Susie. From age 6 to 16 I increasingly became involved with ballet. Like lots of little girls,Read More..

One Way to Start a Successful Sideline with No Money and No Business Idea

My friend Bo [not real name] played football at a top college, graduated, and gravitated to Las Vegas to have fun and make money for a while as a casino table dealer.Read More..

Explore this site: IF you’re nervous about paying for college; IF you’re frustrated doing an unrewarding part-time job; IF you have passion to start your own small business but don’t know how; or IF you want to gain business skills while getting paid; and especially IF you’re seeking a new challenge in your life. Register today, take the SPI – Sideline Preference Indicator, and the complimentary Pre-Assessment of Basic Management Skills. We then recommend that you complete the first two online courses, that will help you focus on a possible Sideline idea. After that you are welcome to join one of our facilitated online Sideline Starter groups, where 12 students with non-competing Sideline ideas will share their experiences in a safe but challenging support group with an expert facilitator.

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