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The following carefully vetted facilitators for Student Sidelines are available on a weekly basis to work online with Sideline Peer Groups (SPG) of up to 12 non-competing program participants. They will guide, encourage, support, and critique progress in launching student’s successful Sideline ventures. On a selective basis, some of the mentors are also available to do ongoing Sideline consulting for individual students on an hourly fee basis. They have all agreed to NDA (Non- disclosure Agreements).

Each Sideline Peer Group (SPG) facilitator will work with students for 4 consecutive weeks at a scheduled online meeting time. At the end of the last session, participants will have an opportunity to re-enroll in the same SPG, shift to a new SPG, or simply continue taking Sideline courses on their own. There are seven different SPG group options available, emphasizing the management content areas offered in the Sideline courses. Initially, all newcomers to SPG will enroll in a “Getting Started: Square 1” group, that each of our facilitators is prepared to lead.

When you click on Enrollment you will be directed to the SPI, then Skill Pre-assessment, and then Sideline Course #1. After finishing you will be offered an opportunity to join a Sideline Peer Group.

Jim Clark, PhD


Retired 20-year Professor of Management, University of Washington – former Husky rower – and author of Student Sidelines Sideline Experiences: Moss Bay Rowing, Kayaking, and Sailing Center; co-developer of Seattle Foot; Expertise: Managing Small Businesses including Virtual businesses; Competency-based Learning; Outdoor Recreation; Training Courses; Vacation Rentals Mentoring Availability: weekday afternoons.


Jenna Brandy, BA

Graduate of Cal State Monterrey Bay – 4 year collegiate basketball player, Marmonte League JV Coach of the year in her first year of coaching Sideline Experiences: Varsity women’s basketball coach; Public School teacher; Private Sports Trainer; Social Media Branding; Personal Marketing Expertise: Teaching and training; Injury rehab; video marketing; video training design, sales, promotion Mentoring Availability: limited on-call during season

Sully Clark, College Student in Bio-Engineering


Junior standing at University of Washington, elite basketball player; journeyman bicycle builder; Sideline Experiences: Basketball Skills Training; Bicycle building and repair; Sailing instruction; Kayaking Instruction Expertise: Computer Gaming; teaching or training athletic skills; website architecture Mentoring Availability: evenings and weekends.


John-Arthur Ingram, BA

Freelance screenwriter, and writing skills mentor; former elite soccer player Sideline Experiences: Writing Skills Mentor; Editor; screenwriter; Journalism Expertise: mentoring; athletic skills instructor; writing-editing mentor; film and video production Mentoring Availability: evenings and weekends.  

Amy Poffenbarger, BA, MA


Author of Mountain Biking Washington [3rd edition] author of numerous articles and publications; mother of 2 beautiful children Sideline Experiences: Author of Mountain Biking Washington; journal and magazine writer; Sideline bookkeeper; Expertise: Writing; Editing; Work-life Balance; managing kids and work; mountain biking Mentoring Availability: on-call


Ken Norland

After completing a long career in Management at large companies, Ken has been mentoring entrepreneurs of all ages for a number of years. He started his own business, grew it and sold it in times past. He currently is a SCORE mentor for small businesses and works with entrepreneurs through the California Lutheran University Incubator (HUB101). He has also taught the graduate class in Business Plans for CLU. Many of these entrepreneurs/business owners are just starting and doing it as a sideline rather than a full time activity. Ken’s particular area of expertise include business models, decision making, prioritization,information technology and general management.  

Arantza Argelia V. Gaona

Senior at Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM),

Skill Set: Spanish teacher and writing skills mentor for native and not-native speaking students; Youth Soccer Instructor and referee; sales, cell phone access repairs; Au Pair, Graduate thesis and investigation projects advisor


Karen Hormell

Karen has a background that includes both sales and extensive experience in the health and fitness industry, and dealing with mobility impairment. She is also involved with product designs for mobility impaired. While in the sales field she earned her way up to director of sales where she lead and managed a team of eight sales people for several years.Karen has spent most of her life in the health and fitness industry.For the past eighteen years she has been instructing Pilates, working at the fitness facility of a major corporation, as well as for thriving physical therapy and chiropractic practices.In 2010 she underwent major emergency back surgery. This surgery had many complications and challenges attached with it. One of the complications involved her having to learn how to walk again. Karen knows the meaning of fortitude and tenacity as she worked her way back for over two years from this very difficult experience. During the period of her rehab she obtained her like coaching certification with the Hendrix Institute. This is where is learned to hone in on her unique perspective of motivating others while utilizing her powerful listening skills.When she was at Cal Poly S.L.O. She started her own sideline business teaching aerobics and fitness classes to her dorm mates.Karen has raised three happy, kind, working children with her husband of thirty-two years. She feels excited to share her life experience and knowledge to help serve and assist young people align with their dreams and desires.  


Please do submit a personal bio-sketch via email attachment, detailing progressive success record, especially involving mentoring. Provide 3 references and contact information. Also smart phone photo copy of current Drivers License. Get In Touch

Explore this site: IF you’re nervous about paying for college; IF you’re frustrated doing an unrewarding part-time job; IF you have passion to start your own small business but don’t know how; or IF you want to gain business skills while getting paid; and especially IF you’re seeking a new challenge in your life. Register today, take the SPI – Sideline Preference Indicator, and the complimentary Pre-Assessment of Basic Management Skills. We then recommend that you complete the first two online courses, that will help you focus on a possible Sideline idea. After that you are welcome to join one of our facilitated online Sideline Starter groups, where 12 students with non-competing Sideline ideas will share their experiences in a safe but challenging support group with an expert facilitator.

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