The best reason we can give for you to contact us is to look at the Sideline business and website we started in 1985, Moss Bay started as ink put on a napkin – a want to have an outdoor recreation program for kids, on the waterfront of Lake Union in Seattle. We asked a neighbor who had 9 floating cedar logs if we could have them to build a dock for a kidscamp. He said yes. So the idea was born with friend’s kids willing to pound nails. It was operated on weekends and a program to teach kids rowing and kayaking – the used boats were all rented, on a variable rent basis where we paid as much as we could each month.

All the lessons and training was done by volunteer high school kids. Over time it grew, as did our docks, revenue, and staffing. Our training program became better and better, as did our discounted equipment. Eventually we had 35 staff members, and a thorough competency-based training program – which is the basis of our current course offerings on Student Sidelines. We know the content is credible because it proved to make a difference in preparing young staff members to run the business.

Welcome to Student Sidelines.

Explore this site: IF you’re nervous about paying for college; IF you’re frustrated doing an unrewarding part-time job; IF you have passion to start your own small business but don’t know how; or IF you want to gain business skills while getting paid; and especially IF you’re seeking a new challenge in your life. Register today, take the SPI – Sideline Preference Indicator, and the complimentary Pre-Assessment of Basic Management Skills. We then recommend that you complete the first two online courses, that will help you focus on a possible Sideline idea. After that you are welcome to join one of our facilitated online Sideline Starter groups, where 12 students with non-competing Sideline ideas will share their experiences in a safe but challenging support group with an expert facilitator.

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