Academic Tutor/Trainer

WHY IS IT INTERESTING WORK? 1 really helps other students gain confidence and ability to perform 2 great reference for college admission 3 helps you be a better learner to teach someone else a skill 4 flexible hours and easy money, requiring no: office, license, age requirement 5 can work solo or as part of a school-recommended tutoring program EXPECTED STARTER INCOME: 8 Sessions a week at $10/hr = $80/week or $320/month INCOME POTENTIAL IN 6 MONTHS: raise rates to $20/hr or $30 for urgent tutoring ENTRY LEVEL QUALITIES OR SKILLS NEEDED: A proficiency in the subject you are teaching, including clear and concise communication B dependable at making and keeping scheduled sessions C patience and persistence in finding ways to explain concepts students can grasp D a “safe” public place where you do tutoring, like a local library or uncrowded coffee shop E willingness to solicit student clients through the school, free online search, or social media HOW/WHEN CAN YOU EXPAND THIS SIDELINE BUSINESS? SEE SIDELINE MODULES: B-14 – “How to expand a solo service by adding one or more helpers” When your available hours are full, and you’re enjoying the Sideline, it’s probably time to add an associate or two, with whom you can gain-share profits without diluting quality C-06 – “At what point do I need to form a legal entity?” When you are making more than $500 a month or retain one or more associates to help you, its probably time to form a simple and affordable legal entity D-9- 12 #Management Skill Modules: Producing Results with and Through Others In these competency modules you will gain skill at: recruiting help, evaluating performance of associates, negotiating compensation, and motivating others to perform. Common Pitfalls in operating an Academic Tutoring Sideline [and helper video/written references summarized on our blog]:  Client Not Honoring Schedule [#53]  Not enough customers [#21]  Too many customers [#31]  New competitors [#68]  Associate Performance Problems [#44] How To Start: