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At their local high school, these high achiever students were independently sought out often to provide tutoring to classmates who struggled to grasp content. Over lunch they decided to form a student-to-student tutoring service at $10 per session. They asked 10 of their achiever classmates to join them, receiving $7 per hour and $3 would go to the team for organizing the program, and managing the one-page web site. It was agreed each tutor would work provide service up to 8 hours a week. Within a few weeks the service exploded, with many more requests than available tutoring time. So they doubled there tutor roster, and increased their fees to $15 per session, $5 of which when to the organizers. Bam – instant success. Over a period of months their service expanded, with sessions being held at local libraries or coffee shops, and with great appeal by the school and district administration.
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